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Best House Removals Service in London. If you’re looking for high standards home or house removals in London, Get your FREE quote today! In London, choose our full-service home removals assistance.

Moving doesn’t have to be a difficult experience. As a result, we provide:

  • Complete public liability coverage
  • Your valuables will be handled in a secure manner.
  • If necessary, furniture setup and disassembly
  • Free surveys are available for homes with more than three bedrooms.
  • Packing service with insurance

Affordable Price For Our Work

4 Easy Steps to a Stress-Free Home Removal

Request an estimate for house removals online or over the phone.

Within 48 hours, we will provide you a free quote.

Find a parking spot before the professionals come.

Appreciate the outcome and relax in your new house.

How to Plan Your House Relocation

The reservation procedure

You may either call or fill out an online form to order a moving service. We’ll need information on the type of property (whether it’s a house or an apartment), the number of rooms, the floor it’s on, and so on. Before we book your consultation, we’ll use this information to offer you a free, no-obligation price.

If you own a bigger home with more than three bedrooms, we will arrange a free preliminary inspection before providing you with a pricing estimate. You may also use our video survey services to save time and move the house removal process along more quickly.

4 Reasons Why You Should Hire Us for Your House Removals

  • A secure and insured relocation procedure

Wow Removals are all about prioritizing your demands and ensuring your safety. If you’re seeking a quick and completely insured house moving service, we can provide it at a reasonable moving van cost for your peace of mind. Our household removals services are quick, simple to arrange, and conducted by skilled and verified specialists who are covered by public liability insurance.

  • Vehicles that are modern and well-equipped

The quality of transportation is one of the most crucial aspects of a good moving experience. All of the Transit and Luton vans we use for your moves are brand new, inspected periodically, and entirely safe. Check out how much our Transit and Luton vehicles can hold. They also include tails lifts to ensure that larger things are loaded efficiently for situations like piano relocation.

  • All-inclusive house removal services

You may get high-quality moving supplies and labels, as well as packing services and furniture disassembly before loading. Following the home removals procedure, we may arrange for a complete cleaning of the home, or we may keep your personal things by reserving a short or long-term storage facility.

  • A video questionnaire

We can simply conduct a video survey for larger household relocation tasks. Simply use your smartphone or tablet to accomplish this. Get on the phone with one of our agents and guide them through the property, demonstrating what needs to be transported. They’ll make a note of it and figure up a price for your service.

Tips & Advice for Moving

Prior to the day of the move, declutter.

Prior to your moving home household removals session, declutter and toss away whatever you don’t need. This will assist you in lowering your total moving costs and will undoubtedly speed up the entire procedure of home furniture relocation. For additional information on how to prepare for a house move, see our moving checklist.

Wrap your furnishings as a bonus tip.

To safeguard your household furnishings throughout the transfer, wrap it in stretch wrap. Prior to moving day, it is your job to take care of your belongings. Wrapping the furniture in stretch foil or bubble wrap will protect it from scratches and damage.

If the house movers park far away from your home, the cost of the service will almost surely rise because it will take them longer to load your goods into the truck. As a result, do your study ahead of time and reserve a parking spot as near to your home as feasible.

Pack an essentials bag as a bonus tip.

Make a list of everything you’ll need during the relocation process and put it all in a bag you’ll carry with you.

We strongly advise you to prepare your purse with necessities a few hours before leaving your previous location. You’ll still need the majority of its substance till then.

Whether you’re selling your home or leaving a rental apartment, a complete cleaning before handing over the keys makes sense, right? Furthermore, your security deposit is at risk in the second case! So, take advantage of our move-out cleaning service and let us take care of the cleaning for you!


Q: Due to unforeseen circumstances, I must reschedule my appointment. Will I have to pay for this?

A: Don’t be concerned! Simply give us 48 hours’ notice and we’ll rearrange your move for you at no cost on a more convenient day.

Q: Do you have insurance as a service provider?

A: Yes, each removals company is covered by Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurance and our staffs are fully insured.

Q: Is there anything in your house that you don’t move?

A: Hazardous materials, animals, statuary, stolen or perishable commodities, narcotics, explosives, and guns are among the items we will not remove.

Q: I’m packing alone, but what about major furniture pieces? Are you able to move those?

A: Without a doubt. For safe and simple loading and unloading, our vans are equipped with tail lifts. We may have the furniture removed if it is too large.

Q: Are you able to assist with a partial house move?

A: Of course. We can assist you in transporting goods like home furniture or personal belongings to your parents, whether you are sending your kid to university in a foreign city or just want to move goods such as home furniture or personal belongings to your parents. Our man and van services are frequently sufficient for small house transfers.

Q: I need to depart my current residence, however, it will be a few days before my new residence becomes available. So, what do I do now?

A: Because we provide convenient moving and storage services, we can assist you with this. Contact our helpful customer service staff for more details.

Q: When and how do I make a payment?

A: Keep in mind that your credit card may be charged the entire amount of the service at any point before the service begins.

Q: How do you figure out the cost of a full-service house removal?

A: The relocation service is billed on an hourly basis. In addition, other aspects are considered while determining our hourly prices. The kind, size, and floor of the home, the number of house movers required to complete the work, the time and day the service will be performed, the type of vehicle that will be utilized, and other factors are all taken into account when calculating the final house moving prices.

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