Long Distance Removals

Long-distance transportation that is insured and professional Transfers to the United Kingdom and Europe

Our services have a lot of advantages:

• Furniture assembly is included in the hourly service charge.

• Full public liability coverage

• Upon request, long and short-term storage is available.

• For properties with more than three bedrooms, a free property survey is available.

Wow Removals across a long distance

Long-distance travels across the United Kingdom need far more thought than a typical regional transfer. A longer transfer might present some complications because there are significantly more logistical things to consider.

Whether you’re relocating to be closer to family or to start a new job, you’ll need to hire a reputable removals company to ensure your long-distance move goes well.

Because of our extensive knowledge of the whole removals procedure, White & Company is the best choice for long-distance moves.

We are well aware that no two movements are the same. Our entirely individualized approach to removals has made us one of the most popular long-distance moving companies.

As a founding member of BAR, FIDI, and OMNI, you can trust White and Company with your most valuable items.

Choosing a Long-Distance Relocation Service

It’s critical to examine both the place you’re relocating to and the place you’re leaving when choosing a wow removals company for your long-distance relocation.

You should choose a firm that has a number of sites around the UK, guaranteeing that they are well-versed in the area.

This means the firm will be able to deliver the finest service possible no matter where you are, knowing the best routes through the region and being ready to adapt to any problems that emerge.

A nationwide removals firm will be able to oversee a seamless transition into your new home and will be able to store any extra boxes and packaging materials used in your move in one of their nearby warehouses.

When is the best time to relocate long distances?

  • For a variety of reasons, any planned long-distance transfer should take place during the summer months.
  • For starters, this will create significantly less disturbance to your children’s education and schooling.
  • It provides you plenty of time to locate them a new school that is close to your new house and where they can start the new school year.
  • Second, because the days are significantly longer during the summer, you can get a lot more done.
  • No one likes to haul boxes or move big objects in the wind, rain, sleet, or snow, so the weather is likely to be considerably dryer and sunnier.

Why should you choose us?

We are one of the largest family-owned wow removal companies in the UK, with 40 secure warehouses around the country offering domestic long-distance removals, packing, and storage services.

We’ve been moving houses for over 15 years and recognize that every one of our potential clients has unique needs.

We have the knowledge and competence to offer you great service when moving home, whether you’re moving from a city-dwelling to a suburban property or from the calm countryside to the heart of a bustling metropolitan metropolis.

Making Travel Plans

  • Before you go, plan out your route well in advance of your moving day.
  • Make sure to schedule lots of rest stops at highway rest sites to rejuvenate and renew.
  • According to the AA, drivers should take a 15-minute break every 2 hours and not drive for more than 8 hours in a single day.
  • Consider an overnight stay and reserve a suitable hotel if your travel takes you from one end of the British Isles to the other.
  • This will allow you and your family to get a decent night’s sleep before continuing on your adventure.

Traveling with Animals

  • If you’re traveling with pets, don’t forget to consider their needs as well!
  • Allow additional time for long pauses for food, water, and bathroom breaks.
  • Children often require more potty breaks than adults, so plan ahead for lengthier breaks than you would expect if you were traveling alone.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Long-Distance Removals

  • Q: When is a long-distance move deemed long-distance?

A: There is no minimum distance that we perceive a long-distance move to be. When a client moves outside of the M25 or abroad of the UK, we treat the service as if it were a long-distance call.

  • Q: Does a long-distance relocation have a maximum distance?

A: We’re only allowed to travel within Europe. In this regard, the farthest European country inside the EU is the greatest distance we may ship a car.

  • Q: Should I call ahead to schedule a long-distance move?

A: Give us a call as soon as you’ve made up your mind about moving out. Last-minute calls can lead to a slew of problems during the relocation, which we wish to prevent. If you contact us the day before the relocation, we may have a packed schedule. A week or two in advance will allow us to provide you with the finest quotation and removals crew possible.

  • Q: Is it considered a long-distance relocation if I relocate inside London and the United Kingdom but to a different location?

A: There will be no additional costs for the service as long as the transfer is inside the M25 region. Expect increased service fees if you move inside the UK but outside of London to a remote location since more resources will be required to accomplish the task. The greater distance influences the price, however, you can get preferred prices for a year if you join the Fantastic membership club.

  • Q: Do long-distance movements have different terms and conditions?

A: Our terms and conditions policy has not changed. We do, however, organize a professional survey for large-scale migrations. A surveyor will calculate all of the resources required for the long-distance relocation.

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