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Before your big move, take advantage of our complete house packing services in London.
Don’t take chances with your things by using low-quality packing materials.

• Packing and moving services that are fully insured
• All required packaging supplies are supplied
• Partial packaging can be done at a cost per box.
• Same-day packing and removals are an option.
• Fragile and antique antiques require special covering.

When picking a wow removals service, there are a few things to look for that will signal quality and put your mind at ease. The cheapest option isn’t necessarily the best when it comes to house move. Companies that provide a quote that appears to be too good to be true should be avoided. These businesses may cause you frustration in the long run, and it may be a waste of money if your belongings are misplaced or ruined, or if the staff is difficult to manage. Unscrupulous businesses will frequently underestimate the overall weight of your products for removal, provide you with a deceptively low quote, and then boost it later when they realize the weight is actually greater. This is dangerous behavior to engage in. A wow removal company that offers you a larger weight estimate for your belongings may be more honest. Take a look around. It’s a good idea to collect various quotations and compile a list of them. Seek assistance and counsel. Word of mouth may frequently help you locate reputable firms in your region, and you’ll also discover that Internet reviews may be quite useful. It’s also a good idea to request recommendations from former customers from your removal business.

Choosing the right movers and packers may make or break your relocation experience. You can significantly lessen the stress involved with a house relocation if you have the appropriate people on your side. Having a high-quality service and an experienced crew also aids in the smooth running of things and avoids breakages.

There are many accreditation programs by our team of professional packers and movers depending on where you are in the world. Discover which ones are significant in your market and check if you can find properly authorized movers and packers. Finally, find out how thorough their insurance coverage for home removal is and if your belongings will be fully insured in the case of a severe occurrence, such as a removal lorry colliding.There are many outstanding movers and packers out there, and many people migrate securely every day, but it’s important to complete your homework before hiring someone. It’ll make the transition go more smoothly.


How to Schedule a Packing Service

  • Free pricing quotation with no strings attached and full packing service
  • Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss your relocation requirements.
  • We will provide you a free quotation as soon as we get your precise specifications.
  • You may order the delivery of moving goods and our packing help alone or in conjunction with one of our relocation services.
  • If you need extra help with boxing easily breakable products, for example, you can plan a partial packing service.
  • The price per box will be computed and included in your final quotation.


  • Request estimates from one of the 212,500 rated transportation companies.
  • To find the best shipping quotation for you, compare costs and read prior customer reviews.
  • Sit back and relax as your item is delivered safely by your preferred carrier.

What size are they?

Some larger moving and packing companies will have locations in both your departure and destination cities. This can make for a more pleasant journey. Examine their prior experience. It’s typically advisable to go with a firm that has the most experience. It’s also a good idea to see whether they’ve done work similar to yours. If you’re packing up a very large property, relocating to a storage facility, or packaging uncommon objects like antique furniture or fragile china, it’s worth verifying whether they’ve done such work before and bubble wrap the fragile ones. Inquire about their loss rate. Some businesses will provide their loss rate, which is the percentage of things that are misplaced or broken. If the information is available, it’s always worth investigating.
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  • Q: Can I pack my belongings using my own packing materials, boxes, and clothes?

A: That is entirely up to you, but you should think about packing as well. Our packing services are carried out with packaging materials acquired from reputable vendors and backed by a quality guarantee. Also, if your load was packed using old boxes and improvised materials, we cannot be held liable for any damage that occurred during shipment.

  • Q: Does the packing service include complete insurance coverage?

A: Without a doubt. If your load has been packed by us, it will be completely insured through the loading, shipping, and unloading processes. In the event that anything is broken, the insurance is quite advantageous in terms of relocation costs. During a relocation, the normal “goods in transit” insurance is in effect, which covers up to £50,000. However, if you request in advance, a greater level of insurance can be obtained.

  • Q: How far in advance of the relocation day will the packing service be provided?

A: This will be determined by the size of your home. During the planning stage of your transfer, we want to have adequate time to react to unplanned occurrences. Smaller moves, on the other hand, may simply be packed on the same day as the loading. The same is true for overnight relocations.

  • Q: Do you have the ability to pack and transfer precious items?

A: Fine art and antique packing is a specialty of expert house packers and movers. We urge that you notify us ahead of time if there are any goods that need particular attention or care.

  • Q: Can you put my furniture together after it’s been unpacked?

A: Yes, your wow removals service includes this.

  • Q: Do I have to order the packing service at the same time as the moving boxes?

A: If you want us to pack your belongings, the delivery of moving boxes will be included in your price. If you haven’t scheduled a packing service while arranging your removals service or box delivery with us, you may always do so afterward.

  • Q: Can the packaging materials be discarded after unpacking?

A: Yes, we can provide you with a separate garbage disposal service with the house removals.

  • Q: I have my own van, but I don’t have the time to pack my possessions. Are you able to assist?

A: Of course. If you simply want removal materials and packing services, you may acquire them separately.

  • Q: Will you be able to plug in all of my appliances when I move in?

A: This is possible upon request, however, you will be required to sign a damage waiver.

  • Q: Do you have any appliances that you can’t connect?

A: Yes, hardwired ovens and stoves, as well as gas-powered appliances.

Make a reservation for your Professional Packers.

1.Call or go online to get a house or office packing service.
2.Have expert movers and packing materials brought to your door.
3.Meet seasoned packers and movers and delegate the packaging to them.
4.Use our fully insured loading, transporting, and unloading services.

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