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What Exactly Are Office Removals?

It’s a specialized service that businesses may use when they need to relocate their workplaces. In terms of organization, time, price, packing methods, and materials, they differ from house removals. There are no limits on the size or kind of businesses Wow Removals may transfer if their merchandise can be deconstructed or packed into moving containers.

What Services Can We Provide?

• We can transfer any size workplace, from one person to over 500 workers, wherever in the UK or around the world.

• Wow Removals is a fully licensed garbage carrier in the United Kingdom, offering a wide range of disposal and recycling services.

• Appropriate packaging and safeguarding of all IT assets during the commercial relocation procedure

• We can provide complete coverage as well as higher limits and policies that are tailored to each company’s needs.

• Each task is assigned a moving coordinator who will oversee the operations and guarantee that everything goes smoothly and without a hitch.

• We Removals can provide low-cost crate rental as well as a variety of professional packing materials for IT and document moves.

What Services Can We Provide?

1. Get in touch with us and request a quote.

2. We’ll work out a time for an on-site survey with you. The internet solution is equally ideal for smaller firms.

3. We’ll total everything up and give you a free final price depending on your needs and any extra services you might desire. After that, we’ll establish a relocation date.

4. Our movers will arrive on the planned day and will work closely with your IT professional to ensure the safe packaging and transportation of your IT products.

5. Once the personnel arrives at their new location, they will unload and unpack everything.

6. The packaging waste materials will be collected and disposed of in accordance with all rules.

Why Should You Relocate Your Business With Wow Removals?

We are a dependable partner with whom you can entrust your workplace relocation. We have the ability and know-how to accomplish challenging relocations while saving you time, worry, and money, thanks to thousands of commercial movers in London and the UK and a long list of delighted clients.

For larger business relocation, we provide thorough on-site viewings. The surveyors examine the information technology, all connections, and whether the workstations need to be destroyed. They assess the layout of the location and devise a strategy for securely transporting the things. For the files, contents, and IT, you will be given an estimate of the number and kind of crates required.

Your information is secure in our experienced hands. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about paper archives or highly sensitive servers. We can provide you with alternative insurance policies in addition to the usual liability coverage for your peace of mind.

We are UK Environmental Agency approved and can provide a variety of rubbish disposal services. All IT and electrical devices will be recycled in accordance with WEEE guidelines.

Wow Removals offers its commercial customers a wide range of service options. We can provide everything from crate rental and rubbish removal to international transportation and storage. Our firm is accredited by BAR, NGRS, IAM, and other organizations. For further information, see our certificates and awards page.

Tips for Removing Your Office

  1. Carefully wrap your IT equipment.

Data security is one of the most crucial considerations when planning an office transfer. As a result, you must spend inadequately preparing your IT staff for the transition. All gadgets should be turned off, and the cords should be wrapped. The IT equipment should be wrapped in anti-static bubble wrap and placed in an IT container if you are packaging them yourself.

  1. Take the time to organize your budget.

After you’ve defined your goals, think about how you’ll pay for them. Cleaning, storage, and packing supplies are frequently included in office removals costs. You must choose the most cost-effective strategy to optimize your budget. This is something you should discuss with your relocation coordinator. Removals can provide you with a variety of services and discounts.

  1. Ensure that everyone is on board with the move.

You must discuss all aspects of the relocation with your staff, particularly your supervisors, prior to the arrival of the moving staff. The HR manager and the IT director are two key individuals in the implementation of any business migration.

The first will assist you in dividing work and organizing everyone. The IT specialists, on the other hand, have the difficult duty of bringing your organization back online after the migration is complete. They’ll also need to collaborate closely with the movers to ensure that the more fragile equipment is properly handled.

  1. Think about renting a storage unit.

Consider hiring a storage container if you’re traveling vast distances or on short notice. On the one hand, your office inventory will be protected and monitored at all times. You will, on the other hand, be able to move everything one step at a time.

Hiring your old office space while preparing your new one will be more expensive than renting a warehouse unit for a week or two.Wow Removals may also assist you with this. We can provide you with a 24-hour, CCTV-monitored storage facility in London that meets your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is your commercial insurance policy capped at a certain dollar amount?

No, regardless of the size of the move, custom insurance packages may be created. For more information on the many alternatives and additional services that Wow Removals may provide, speak with your coordinator.

  1. How much does it cost to relocate an office?

Because no two removal tasks are the same, we frequently conduct assessments and evaluate all issues while relocating an office. A full-scale office removals, including furniture and files, may cost around £100 per working station or head. However, this is a quite general number. Following the first survey, we will be able to give you an estimate.

  1. What types of enterprises can you relocate to?

It can be moved if it can be lifted, dismantled, and/or transported via the entrance ports. When it comes to commercial relocations, this is Removals’ motto. When it comes to safes, servers, and large copy machines, we take great care. Years of expertise have taught him how to work with a wide range of gadgets and equipment.

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