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We are the most expert piano movers in the United Kingdom.

We’ve been safely moving pianos throughout the country for many years, and there’s no one better suited or skilled to manage your piano relocation than us. If you believe you’ve discovered one, we’ll match a like-for-like quote.

Every Monday, our trucks leave for Scotland, stopping in towns and cities along the way such as Birmingham, Chester, Manchester, and Liverpool as they go north of the border to Scotland, and then returning to London through Newcastle, Leeds, and Nottingham.

Similarly, every week, trucks leave for the West Country and the South Coast, executing piano removals across the UK. All of our cars have air ride and ‘load area air conditioning,’ which keeps the temperature of the pianos at a steady 18 degrees all year. This is just what your piano needs on a long journey.

Piano Logistics is the preferred nationwide piano removals company in the UK for quality piano manufacturers such as Bosendorfer, Boston, Essex, Grotrian-Steinweg, Kawai, Bluthner, Steinway & Sons, Schimmel, Samick, Yamaha, Young Chang, and many others. We are also the preferred piano removals company for premier music schools and collages such as The Royal Academy of Music, The Royal Collage of Music, and Trinity Collage of Music.

We provide two types of piano removals in the United Kingdom:

• A piano load that includes additional pianos. We attempt to pick up and deliver within a week.

• Or, if a piano is required for a concert or a party at a specified time, a piano express service. Your piano will be picked up and delivered at your convenience.

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On your part-load service, how quickly can my piano be moved?

• Piano removals in London: every day
• Every week, piano removals from London to Manchester.
• Weekly piano removals from London to Scotland and en route
• Weekly piano removals from London to Wales and en route
• Weekly piano removals from London to Leeds and all surrounding locations
• Weekly piano removals from London to Cornwall
• Weekly piano removals from London to Surrey
• Every week, piano removals from London to Sussex and all locations in between
• Weekly piano removals in Hertfordshire
• Western Europe every two weeks

Why not make a reservation for a piano removal service in London right now?

Find out how we can help you with your piano removal, transportation, and installation needs by contacting us. Following the transfer of your piano, we would be pleased to give Piano Tuning Service and Piano Servicing London.

What do we have to offer you?

According to our expertise, the majority of piano removal and transportation processes are pretty simple, and our service tries to cause the least amount of inconvenience at your home or workplace.

However, pianos must occasionally be maneuvered past tight corners, tiny staircases, basements, and other cramped spaces. When confronted with such difficult conditions, we have the necessary abilities and ability to provide an effective and comprehensive service.

Where access is extremely difficult Moving the piano might be difficult. We can deconstruct pianos or use lifting gear to remove or install pianos via windows or other limited locations, such as basement apartments.

Our trucks have tail lifts that can safely lift a half-ton or special piano covers, and we always employ racking and strapping to guarantee that your piano is transported safely and smoothly. We have all of the required lifting equipment, including cranes and platforms, to transport your piano through a house window or over a terrace.

We are actively relocating pianos throughout London boroughs, as well as several institutions and bands in the neighboring areas. A map of all of our piano removal zones is provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if something goes wrong with my piano?
Our complete insurance covers all pianos carried or stored by us. In addition, we hold £10 million in public liability insurance.
Do you hire out piano moves?
We transport all pianos with our own teams and temperature-controlled vans. Subcontracting piano movements to a third party is never done. Our made-to-measure piano coverings and accessories are available for all pianos.
What distinguishes you from the competition?
We are certain that we are the most well-equipped and experienced firm in the industry. We will move your piano for free if you can locate a better equipped UK piano mover. Yes, a free piano removal is available.

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